“It’s all good” books for teens

What’s up people? I decided to give a shout-out to some indie-gems that are flying under the radar. Or are they? These teen books have garnered great reviews. So check ’em out for the summer.

Movie girl by Christina Hamlett jan 2008 outskirts0981660207The Day After Tomorrow by Sandee Sgarlata LA Summer sheryl mallory johnsonChoices by Katrina Burchett

shes worth waiting for by tia marie boykinsJust be - Carla second novel 








Taking The Stage: A Modern Day “Fame”


Okay, so who’s been watching the new reality show Taking the Stage? It’s about five teens attending SCPA (School for the Creative and Performing Arts) in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m hooked already because for one thing, it’s not just about five teens breaking into song and dance in the hallways (uh, High School Musical). TTS teens are edgy and realistic; Average teens from diversed backgrounds (no Beverly Hills teens here) with real problems that teens face. (No daddy-took-away-my-porsche-for-a-week bougie drama).  TTS teens are normal, talented teens, trying to make it in the art world. 



There’s Jasmine, who looks like one of my black ballerina dolls. Yes, she’s pretty, but, thank God, she’s not shallow. She’s very sweet and down-to-earth. She‘s the top ballerina at SCPA. She has high hopes of attending the prestigious Juliard School of Dance in New York. The problem is her moms has sheltered her a bit, and poor Jasmine has never dated before, that is, until she mets Tyler.



Tyler. Wow, Tyler. A real cutie, who can hip-hop his behind off. Tyler is thrown into Jasmine’s ballet class. And, of course, sparks fly when he meets Jasmine. At first Tyler seems real cool.  But after watching  Episode three, I’ve beginning to think that Tyler is nothing but a player, or is he a wanna-be player? He totally hurts Jasmine feelings when he kisses Mia.



Now, Mia is a pretty cool chick. For one thing, she can really SING! I was feeling bad for her when her boyfriend dumped her. But she made a move for Tyler, when I know, and everyone else at SCPA knew that she saw Jasmine and Tyler together, uh, plenty of times.



Shaakira, Jasmine friend, busted Tyler and Mia big-time! Shaakira is one of those friends that eveyone teen girl needs to have. She’s a true and loyal friend. Shaakira is the peace-maker in the clique. She dances ballet and hip-hop. In fact, she’s one dynamic hip-hop dancer in Malik’s dance group.



Malik. What can I say about Malik?—hot-headed, but extremely talented! Malik is the most controversial out of the group. For one thing, he’s gay. Malik is fierce, but he doesn’t take constructive criticism very well. He has a fit—I mean a real crying-fit when his dance group loses to Tyler’s group. Malik is very competitive, a trait every teen needs to survive in the world, especially in the entertainment world. Malik and Jasmine are real tight (as girlfriends). So, right now, Malik is hatin’ on Tyler. Malik is my favorite character so far…I can’t wait to see how his character evolves…



So, if you’re watching Taking the Stage, tell me who your favorite character is? Or if you’re just diggin’ the show.



Happy New Year Everyone! So far, here’s a list of hot YA books that are out and getting a lot of love!! Happy Reading, y’all! =)

drama-high-frenemies.gifcropped-bookcover-latimarhigh.jpgdeborah-gregory-books.jpgit-chicks-tia-williams.jpgchoices-by-katrina-burchett.jpghot sour salty sweet feb 2009dontgetittwistedpaulasecondbookduenov27.jpgboy-shopping-nia-stephens.jpg


0981660207Debut author, Debbie Copeland,  has it going on with The Kids at Latimar High. The competition is on y’all with two bestfriends, Lauren and Rosalyn, fighting over hottie football jock, Kevin Johnson. Who’s going to win– Lauren, the goody-goody, honor roll student, school reporter, or too-fine-for-her-own-good,  cheerleader, Rosalyn Brown? Bestfriends since elementary school, the two are caught up in a love triangle breaking their sacred “Girlfriends’ do’s and don’t codes.” Careful, this book is a page turner. Hurry up and read it, gurls–the sequel is about to drop!

This Blog is for teens who like to read really good books, you know, drama up the ying yang about teens from all over the world, east coast, west coast, mid-west, the gritty south. It’s all good books for teens is representing  Authors of color and their YA Novels. It’s time we give a SHOUT OUT to Authors who write about teens like us, protraying our culture.  So, holla’ at me if you’re feeling this Blog, or have something on your mind.

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